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Why You Need an Online Casino VPN

Last Updated 8th March 2022

As mentioned elsewhere on this website, we believe that using a VPN is an integral part of hooking into online casinos, mainly when living in Australia, as there is often a geo-location block restricting Australian players.

For those unfamiliar with the term VPN, it means virtual private network. Once you hook on to it either through your computer or your smartphone, you can then choose to hook out to another country using the VPN Provider’s array of global servers.

By doing so, you do two things:

  • You hide your actual Internet address from your internet provider or Telco, so they can’t tell what you are doing.
  • Your online address assumes the country you have logged into via your VPN.

For instance, if you log onto a VPN Canadian server, your IP address would assume a Canadian location, so in effect, you are now no longer an Australian online, but you are a Canadian.

For signing up to an online casino in another country, you first need to find out what countries are not allowed to sign up, and in some cases, that means Australia.

So, if you’re trying to sign up to an online casino elsewhere in the world and you’re using your Australian IP address, let’s say through Telstra, then you will be locked out and unable to sign up. 

Some online casinos have been known to use what is called a ‘geo-location restriction’. This is where a VPN comes into its own.

Instead, look on the online casino website’s homepage (if you can access it) and look for the section that displays what countries are disallowed. Select a country that is allowed for sign-ups and then hook on to your VPN and select the appropriate country location if it is available. 

Use something safe, like New Zealand, Canada, UK, etc., rather than exotic countries.

What VPN to choose?

There are many online VPNs out there in the marketplace, all offering bells and whistles and cheap monthly costs. Some good examples for Australian users include:

  • ExpressVPN
  • PrivateInternetAccess (PIA)
  • ProtonVPN
  • Mullvad
  • CyberGhost
  • NordVPN
  • IPvanish

There are many review sites. I prefer not to take their advice because, in some cases, the reviewer might be in the ‘back pocket’ of whatever VPN they are endorsing. Again, do your homework.

We use Express VPN in the office; quite simply, we have found they have a range of location hotspots that allows us to access all the online casinos we review, which makes Express the best VPN to suit our needs, not to state the obvious but if you are looking for a VPN network for online gambling, this is the best option (In our opinion). 

The average cost per month to use a VPN service is around A$10.00. The cheapest we’ve seen is the Swedish VPN Mullvad which comes highly recommended at approx 5 euros or A$7.00 per month; however, we do not use them, so we are unable to comment on how much access they give to online gamblers.

Additional Notes

  1. ExpressVPN has access to all the casinos we have reviewed and all the casinos we have in our review pipeline; this gives a big thumbs up when trying to find a VPN for inline casinos.
  2. ProtonVPN has a free service, which is a bit limited, but still, this is one of the better free services going, that is: if you don’t want to chuck money at a VPN.
  3. I have used Mullvad previously on a mobile, but as of June 2020, they no longer support devices below Android 7. They say they support three levels down from current, which is: 9, 8, and 7. Bear in mind, Android 10 is out sometime soon, so Android 7 support will be scrubbed off the list.

Whirlpool has a bunch of forums available where other people will essentially give you the same feedback and advice we have given here; we thought we would save you the trouble of scanning hundreds of posts and opted to write this complete guide instead.

VERDICT: ExpressVPN, Lots of locations, works well with online casinos.


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