Which Online Casino Does Davoslots Use?

Davo currently endorses Joy Casino as one of his main affiliates.

Who or what is Davoslots?

Davoslots is the name behind Australian pokies celebrity David Nicholas, who also goes by the name Captain Davos, as well as Davoslots.

Nicholas made his name by winning $250,000 on a pokies machine at Melbourne’s Crown Resort during November 2019. He describes himself (unashamedly) as a gambling addict.

From Adelaide, Nicholas has his own Facebook page, YouTube channel and Affiliates page. Many people around the world have signed up to follow him, absorb any tips they can use to better their own pokies aspirations.

Not shy in flaunting his new found wealth, Nicholas has stressed the need for people to be responsible with their gambling, and to at least have a bank-roll behind them before venturing into some serious pokies indulgence.

His Affiliates page is called Lords of Blackjack (which is a Facebook Page), plus he is involved in numerous other Casino oriented groups. Refer the links below.

Some within the online Gambling community believe Davo is not entirely honest with his activities, and that many of his video streams where is he seen winning on games like Blackjack and Roulette are done so using affiliate earnings and not his own.

However, he is a serious player and has the track record to prove it when he turns up to the ‘real’ Casino to play with his hard earned cash. That much cannot be denied.

Captain Davos YouTube Channel

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