Dealer Academy Classes Start at Rivers Casino

Dealer Academy Classes Rivers Casino

Rivers Casino is one of only a few gambling operators that organize classes for its future table game dealers. And the time has come for the latest set of croupier recruits. 

The Rivers Dealer Academy started with training for prospective table game dealers this Monday. Dealer training will continue for six weeksMonday to Friday, and, according to the casino, 60 slots are open for the classes.

Dealer Training Makes Rivers Casino Different

Students started learning the tricks of the dealer trade in small groups because of the COVID-19 pandemic. That means casino instructors will have to teach for most of the day, but for Rivers Casino officials that will be a small price to pay for their casino to be different from other ones out there.

The Director of Table Games at the casino, Tom McOwen, said that their Dealer Academy set the Rivers Casino apart from others. He added that you can go to any casino and play on the same slot machine or table game. However, it was impossible to get the same people everywhere. And that’s what they were trying to achieve with their Rivers Dealer Academy.

Rivers Casino is currently looking for table game dealers, and the students in their Dealer Academy classes will likely fill some of those job posts. The casino encourages both internal and external candidates to join the academy. 

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