Crown Melbourne Closed Until Further Notice

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Melbourne is entering yet another lockdown and this means that Australia’s biggest casino, the Crown Melbourne, will once again have to be closed.

The casino had to initially close down shop back on March 23, but it started reopening on June 1. Crown Melbourne’s reopening was planned as a phased process, but unfortunately, the casino didn’t manage to go through many stages.

Victoria is on the Cusp of a Second Covid-19 Wave

This new closure comes as a direct result of Covid-19 flaring up once again in Victoria and Melbourne being on the brink of a much stronger second wave.

Victoria’s Premier, Daniel Andrews, announced this week that because the number of new coronavirus cases is increasing each day the state has no other option, but to go into another six-week lockdown.

The chief health officer recommended that stage three Covid-19 measures will have to be reinstated across metropolitan Melbourne and the Premier and state officials acted swiftly to make this happen.

Going Out Only for Essentials

All Melbourne and Mitchell Shire residents are now advised to stay at home as much as they can and to only go out if it is really necessary.

In fact, the Premier outlined that there are only four reasons that would allow people to go out. These are:

  • shopping for essential items and food;
  • working and studying (provided you can’t do this from home);
  • providing care to others;

All other activities are considered as non-essential and the advice is to stay at home. Mr. Andrews repeated several times that this is a deadly pandemic and that it is of the utmost importance that people stay at home as much as possible.

Crown Melbourne Affected by the Restrictions

The businesses that will take the greatest hit from this latest lockdown are restaurants, cafes, beauty parlors, as well as entertainment venues. They are all instructed to stop operations immediately.

It is obvious that the Crown Melbourne is one of these establishments and that it had no choice, but to close its doors once again. Crown’s public relations people posted the following announcement on their website:

“In line with the Victorian Government’s reintroduction of stage three restrictions, Crown Resorts wishes to advise all our guests that Crown Melbourne will be temporarily closed from July 9 until further notice due to COVID-19. The closure of Crown Melbourne is to protect the health and safety of Crown patrons, employees and the broader community.”

This means that the Crown will definitely be closed in July and probably for most of August. All Crown patrons will have to go through yet another agonizing wait for Australia’s biggest casino to once again reopen.

However, seeing how public health is more important than anything else right now, it goes without saying that most Crown players will have understanding for these latest developments.

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