Casinos to Introduce Innovative Technology After Pandemic Says TCS Chairman

Casinos Innovative Technology

Gambling industry leaders are predicting that casinos will introduce a lot of innovative technology once the pandemic is over. They say that this will include new revenue-generating products that put player security above all else.

Tristan Sjoberg, the executive chairman of TCS John Huxley Ltd, a casino equipment supplier, said that companies that create products for the gambling industry have already come up with revolutionary game and player protection products.

TCS John Huxley’s “Care & Protect” program that launched in May 2020 is one such product range. With it, the company wants to help casinos and gambling providers that try hard to offer a safe environment to their customers.

The Chip Sanitizer

One product that was among the first to launch as part of that “Care & Protect” range, and which is sure to be very popular once casinos move to full capacity, is the chip sanitiser.

The machine, called Chipper Champ, is capable of cleaning up to 600 casino chips at a time. It operates using UV technology and has a built-in UV-C sanitiser that cleans and sanitizes chips continuously during play.

The company markets the Chipper Champ as “highly effective in killing germs and harmful bacteria” and that is sure to create a lot of demand for the chip cleansing product.

According to TCS John Huxley February announcement, the Chipper Champ was already generating a lot of interest, and Asian casinos, in particular, wanted to see the machine in their gaming venues “in the coming months.”

Play Multiple Games on One Terminal

Another invention you might soon see in casinos near you is the Qorex electronic gaming terminal. Unlike traditional slot machines and table games, which only allow you to play one game at a time, the Qorex electronic terminal lets you play multiple casino games on the same machine.

That means that players don’t have to move around the casino floor to try out different games. Instead, they can play their favourite games like roulette, blackjack, and baccarat all on one gaming terminal.

This serves two purposes. First, players minimize the chance of contracting the virus by playing on just one machine and not moving around. Secondly, they play their games on a machine which has already been disinfected, so they don’t have to worry about whether the table or game they will move to next is also clean of germs and bacteria.

Casino Demographics and Preferences Change

Mr Sjoberg noticed that in addition to casinos wanting to incorporate innovative protective technologies, he could also see that player preferences and demographics were changing too because of the pandemic.

For instance, he noticed that older players were slower to return to casinos after they reopened than the younger gambling crowds. He said that many older customers chose to stay away because they were still worried about whether casinos were safe enough.

In contrast, he noticed that there was an increase in younger gamblers frequenting casinos, as they thought casinos were good places to socialize and to be entertained while clubs and bars remained closed.

Another thing that the TSC chairman noted was that younger players had different gambling preferences from their more experienced counterparts. According to him, young gamblers prefer electronic table games (ETGs) as they see them as skill-based casino products which also allow them to socialize with others.

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