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Big news coming from Mississippi this week as the Mississippi Gaming Commission announced that casinos can resume operations there.
Gambling officials in the southern US state said that casinos can finally reopen and the first casino providers are expected to start operations as early as May 21. This comes after almost two months of all casinos in Mississippi shutting down shop due to Covid-19.

Welcome News

The reopening aligns almost perfectly with the summer tourist season and that will certainly cheer up lots of casino goers.

The news is bound to raise the spirits of Mississippi casino operators too. They have claimed all along that they will be ready to resume ‘normal’ operations as soon as they are given the green light.

Those sentiments are certainly shared by Chet Harrison, the general manager at Golden Nugget Casino. He says that all they really need is three to four days of advance notice and they’ll be up and running before customers even know it.

Not your Normal Casino Experience

However, if you are a regular casino visitor, you will definitely notice some changes this time around.  The General Manager at Palace Casino, Keith Crosby, is reported as saying that their establishment will be closed for five hours in the morning (3am-5am) as they will be busy disinfecting all surfaces. What is more, they have also set up Plexiglas shields and have strategically placed them at casino cages, front desks, cashiers, and sports betting providers.

Things such as had sanitizers and other types of disinfectants are being available to customers in all casinos too. In addition, operators have also brought in cleaning crews to work round the clock and have also arranged for maintenance and food delivery to be performed according to government guidelines.

Something similar to this is happening in Louisiana as well. Most casinos are resuming operations there, but New Orleans operators will have to wait a little longer as their casinos must remain closed for now.

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