ZenBet Casino Review

ZenBet Casino Review

Zen Bet Casino

Last updated January 2023

Review on Zen Bet Casino

Recently I heard about Zen Betting so I thought I would jump on in and see what it was like.

However doing a standard Google search I couldn’t seem to find it even after sifting through 3 pages of content, there were two links directing to live streams from within their site however they were in what appeared to be Russian so I steered clear of those ones.

How Many Games Do they Have?

ZenBet has over 100 slot games, I was unable to tell from a quick scan of their site how many different providers they use but it was clear they were hosting a significant amount of slots.

I saw a number of familiar slots which was comforting so I proceeded to the sign-up area.

Additionally, they appear to have a decent range of live dealers on all your standard games and also a few I was unfamiliar with.

Signing Up

The initial sign up was easy enough, filling in all the basic details to get started.

However, after I clicked proceed an error 404 page appeared, I noticed my name had appeared in the profile area in the corner, I clicked on my account and filled in the rest of my details figuring this was just a minor error possibly from my computer.

Once I  had filled in all the necessary details  I began the process of adding my banking details… this is where it began to feel a little sketchy.

after filling out my banking details it sent me through a verification code on my phone which I then entered into the website only to find the process “Declined

Giving the site the benefit of the doubt I continued this process one more time ensuring every single detail was filled out 100% perfect, once again


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Playing the Slots

with every intention. to play the slots and initially attempting to deposit $50 AUD on two separate occasions I was unable to play the slots.

On the Plus Side

The site was highly responsive with quick loading times on every page I accessed.

It also looks very pleasing to the eye and appealing to someone looking for something a little more updated.

If I was to build an online casino I would want it to look like this.

On the Downside

An error 404 page occurred immediately after signing up.

I was unable to process my banking details.

Our Winnings

Because we were unable to play we didn’t win therefore we didn’t go through the withdrawing process so unfortunately, we cannot comment at this point in time.

ZenBet Review Conclusion:

So overall, Zen Bet has a fantastic look and feel to the website with over 1000 games, latest software and a decent welcome bonus package, unable to fill out my banking details was definitely a disappointment as I was really looking forward to giving this casino a shot.

Our conclusion of Zen Bet is that it has a fantastic look and feel to it, however, my personal experience on this site was not what I would consider a comfortable one.

I DO NOT Recommend at this point in time however the issues I had may simply be due to my location or some other reason.

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ZenBet Casino Review
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