Oshi Review

Oshi Review

What a fantastic online casino for slot/pokie players. If you love Spinago, you will fall in love with Oshi

  • Professional Website
  • Amazing Customer Service
  • Games From all the best providers.

Verdict: Highly recommend, everything was just so simple!

Review on Oshi Casino

Last Updated 2023

Having used a number of online casinos throughout the years and looking for something to try out a casino that accepts bitcoin a colleague suggested I take a look at Oshi! Bitcoin Casino.

Even though it has been around since 2015 no one in the office had used them so we thought why not try double our crypto assets with a casino that has been around for a long time.

It would seem that 2021 is the year of crypto and with the startling rise of the price of Bitcoin we figured now was the perfect time to jump in and see what’s up!

Not surprisingly when we typed OSHI Casino into Google we were happy to find it on the first page without 10 advertisements before it (which is always good to see for a respected online casino).

How many games do they have?

Oshi has an impressive amount of games available with 2528 games available from 23 casino gaming providers.

A lot of the games we have come to know and love were there including a crypto area which is specifically what we were looking for.

What impressed us immediately was a banner stating they have made it to the finals of the “Ask Gamblers” awards so we knew we were onto a good casino!

Signing Up

The initial sign up was very simple, all they needed was an email and password to get us through the door.

They then sent me an email within a minute so I could verify my account, and that was it, I was ready to get started.

I then went to deposit added some quick details about myself (name, address) and then chose Bitcoin as that was what I was planning to use.

From there I simply copied the address for my Oshi wallet, pasted it into my crypto wallet and transferred the funds I wanted to use.

I was actually very surprised at how easy it was!

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Playing the Slots

We deposited around $106 AUD worth of Bitcoin and played our way through around 10 spins on each of the popular games. We came up on top with two games almost doubling our initial deposit, the best we did was a $56 win on Robin of Loxley.

On the Plus Side

We were excited with the welcome bonus of 250 Free spins as some other online casinos can at times offer a lot less.

Which, we found to be the right amount as too many can get a little tiresome.

So with the $100-(ish) balance that we had, we played across a few of the more popular games & some games we had never seen for roughly an hour and surprisingly came out on top, a couple of winning features but nothing to write home about.

On the Downside

There were a couple of minor delays when changing games but not surprising given the number of games they have on their network.

I couldn’t seem to find any phone support which was a little disappointing.

Sometimes the navigation was a little bit touchy.

Our Winnings

So with a little over $100 worth of crypto, we manage to get it up to $187 before we decided to withdraw.

Not a bad little winnings for an hour of fun and flashy lights!

Oshi Casino Review Conclusion

So overall, Oshi Casino has a very nice look and feel to their website with a fantastic range of games from most of the major gaming providers, they have the latest software and a nice welcome bonus package, Oshi is definitely a casino you want to jump onto if you are looking for a new online casino to play around on.

Our conclusion about Oshi is that it is a nice and clean site with astounding online customer service and a smooth playing experience.

Would Recommend.

Check out Oshi here.

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Oshi Review
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